wool and the gang

1TweenSpirit_Martini_greyI really love this sweater, Tween Spirit, from the online store wool and the gang. On their website, artists Lisa Sabrier and Carolyn Main describe their concept this way:

Where you can buy kits of yarn, needles, pattern and accessories, from simple to sophisticated.

We sell ready made knitwear for those of you too impatient to knit your own.

A one stop shop that makes you want to be part of the gang.

A collection of unique models and kits, created by fashion lovers who are fashion and jewellery designers, actresses, models, dj’s, singers, artists, writers. Muses from all walks of life are invited to inspire Wool and the Gang.

Knitting has never been more glamorous, simple and a unifier of fun and pleasure.

This sweater is part of a knit it yourself kit (89 euros). Unfortunately it’s designed for 3-5 year olds. Being about 15 years too old for this sweater I may have to design my own similar version.

While it bums me out that this is for small children, how cute does this little girl look in it?


wool and the gang also sell ready-to-wear knitwear and yarn and feature how-to videos on their website.